The Road

"When I think about everything we've been through together, maybe it's not the destination that matters, maybe it's the journey." - said Harry Kim in one of the Star Trek Voyager episodes - probably the one when they all realized the ultimate truth about how far Earth is from their location and that even the lifetime might be too short to reach it back. It was one great show I swallowed in just couple of weeks back then in the beginning of 21st century. I remember I was watching up to 6 episodes every night and now looking to it from today's perspective perhaps the most memorable line I still remember is this one about famous journey-destination quote.

The Road, starting point

So, what is your ultimate answer? Is it Journey or Destination? For me there is no doubt, it is always the journey. Even for travels as small as 50km we do to escape city on weekends and go to the mountain village I mentioned couple of times before on the blog. I really can't say how many times I drove this 50km and back but let's assume I am doing it twice a month each year which results in about 96000km spent so far since my childhood. Couple of times I did it with mountain bike. That's amazing number - and it's twice the length of the Equator! Needless to say is that I know every little curve on that road, every little hole, asphalt defects and dangerous spots. All the scenery left and right, all the villages and traveling resorts positioned on the way. All the people we encountered over the years. And I never get bored by it. Every time it shows us something new, sometimes it is the hawk floating the hot air just couple of meters above, sometimes it is beautiful rainbow like the one we saw today on our way back home. Sometimes others not so pretty scenes like floods or road kills. But that's life and one road like this particular one is definitely full of stories.

By car it takes about 45 minutes to get there. Its not that long trip and our last journey on Friday, with two stops took us exactly 59 and a half minutes. For a while I am having this idea to mount a tripod and take the video of the whole trip. Last attempt, couple of months ago, failed as I put all my faith in the camera to do it on its own predefined setup. The poor thing tried to auto focus all the time and somehow found convenient to focus on the windshield most of the time and instead of the road I got a video of dead insects glued on the glass the whole time. This time I locked all the auto-settings on the camera, set the focus manually and everything went just fine. I got myself four decent video clips and after little post-production I speed it up 12th times to the length of one typical blues song. To make things more interesting I let Movie Maker, a free video tool that comes with Window 8/10, to use its 'posterize' tool for entire video and here's the result:

From the technical point of view, the route is equally interesting. Two years ago when I got my fist smartphone I immediately tested it's GPS system on the road. So here it is how it looks from Google Earth (the moving arrow is our car according to recorded GPS position within GPX file):

GPS is a very interesting system I already played with once on the blog. The same GPX file smart phones produce, like the one I used in above route clip, can be easily inserted into Google Earth or any other map software and learn a lot about the journey, even the ones performed on foot. Check it out here: GPS eXchange files vs Tracking apps.

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