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Wild Wet West in Eastern Serbia

Previous couple of days and weeks in Serbia were pretty wet*. There were rains after rains, floods, small and big, then some rains again, even today when I glimpsed through the window there were no cheerful colors out there, only various shades of gray. Nevertheless, we decided to spend the last weekend in the mountains and our country house I wrote about it on several occasions before. It turned out not to be so bad at all!

Bigar waterfall

Yesterday we went to the Bigar waterfall resort I mentioned once or twice on the blog, just to check the water levels these days. Even though it is just a stream of water no longer than 1000 meters in length, it ends in a wonderful small 30m waterfall and this May its doing it with grace and power! Tons of water are dropping every second into small river below just out of woods.

Following video is a very nice slideshow I made out of images from our small yesterday's trip and YouTube gracefully helped with more than appropriate background music. During our 50 or so kilometers long trip we encountered small floods originated from small rivers destroying the crops around the road, one whacked and halved tree by the thunderbolt and lots of snails crossing the road with their tremendous speed of meter or two per day. The road itself was pretty damaged and the asphalt was full of holes and cracks and driving it up or down the hill was a experience similar to the slalom skiing only with your car. We even encountered a TV crew on the resort who came to make a footage for national public broadcaster because the Bigar waterfall these days was probably the biggest and the most remarkable in past couple of years. It was impossible to cross the river and took more images directly under the water, unless you had Bear Grylls skills.

Last time when we visited the Bigar, waterfall was powerless and we managed to take some images behind without taking much shower but then it was interesting from different point of view. In my case, unusual experiences never come when you are looking for them. Instead they always appear in the most inappropriate moments when you never expect anything unusual. In a way, exactly that happened to me that last time. It's not that I saw little green men or UFO or anything - instead it was one of those moments that you have strong feeling that someone is watching you and yet no one's there...

Prior to Bigar, we had a nice family time in a little restaurant on the famous "Balkan Mountain" (with delicious trouts on the menu), following by couple of beers. It was really good, as always, especially for Viktor and his grandparents. Straith after, we went to Bigar to take some pictures and over there I had urgent need for... well you know what happens after couple of beers when there are no restrooms around and you have to go to the woods. Soon later I felt like somebody is looking at me, although there were nothing just couple of trees and rocks. Actually "looking at me" was more like "staring at me". Then I realized it was one giant boulder. Here is the photo:

Bigar pareidolia 1: Happy face

I didn't know if this was one of those natural phenomenon seen only by people who drink beer, or some practical joke of the local gang, but I wasn't afraid of him. Not of that nice happy face of his.. I read a lot of pareidolia events and various people experience all over the world and I guess this is my version of it.

But, this is not the end of strange sites from Bigar. I didn't spot this on Sunday, but earlier today, when I was sorting all photos out from our trip to the resort last weekend it's more than clear that a small waterfall has a giant protector in a form of a sleeping lion. Again, a strange rocky formation gave the perfect illusion.

Bigar pareidolia 2: Sleeping lion

Pareidolia is a powerful thing. Our mind plays tricks on us so often we see lots of things in various backgrounds..

* Original story written and filmed in May, 2012.
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