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YouTube Channel

In the past couple of years, every now and again I was uploading video clips to the YouTube that I made either for the blog intentionally or for some other "publishing" reasons and I've just realized that they piled up to the number big enough I can safely pronounce almost two dozens of them today to their public status and officially publish them. It's not really that big "contribution" to the video community but still here they are. Hopefully some of you would find them inspirational and interesting. If you do, following is the home page of the official channel where you can subscribe for the future or contribute with new YouTube community social features.

Similar to the blog's threads and for better classification of all videos within the channel I created several playlists and filled them with videos of mutual theme or place or event. One of latest video files, the short movie Viktor and I made this summer, I decided to use as the main theme for the blog's main playlist. Here are all video clips that was embedded in Milan's Public Journal in the past.

Nerdiness or Geekdom was one of my blog post that hosted a story about my.. well technical.. inner being to say the least. Many of video clips in this sections prove my point and almost all of them are created with playing with science toys.

Cooking series is Viktor's and mine one great playground. We love to do this and for numerous reasons. One of them is that when filmed right videos in this playlist might be our greatest contribution to the YouTube community.

Of course, traveling is everybody's favorite pile of videos. Our too and I tried to sort in and out all public and private videos from our library into this playlist.

Finally, the last but not least are video clips filmed in Guševac, mountain village in eastern Serbia. We spend lots of time there and many videos are created in its forests, roads, mountains, houses. These are just couple of them that earned public status.

Filming great looking video files was in realm of impossible only couple of years before. Now, with great optics in modest consumer photo cameras, cheap tripods, free software in both cameras and post-production home computers and even little expensive ways to edit final cuts along with special effects home video production is getting more and more appealing and challenging. For me, the one logical outcome is this - Milan's Public Journal's YouTube channel.
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