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Power of Music

YouTube is really one great service. Probably one of the best online tools there is. But it is not without issues and glitches. Recently, after our vacation I uploaded a video I took on the Lichadonisia beach with our guide and our Greek hosts teaching our (mostly female) group to dance with syrtaki (Greek: συρτάκι) music and even though the music clearly came from the beach-bar loudspeakers, YouTube 'found' that I was using protected and copyrighted content and the video clip was blocked in one country and you will never guess which - Germany. I am still laughing and endlessly trying to find logic behind this silly automation.

Nevertheless and ever since then I am not embedding music background by myself anymore and rather using YouTube's selection instead. With today's video I played with two combination and got extraordinary result. First video is accelerated and embedded with horror-typed tune. For the other I used the most cheerful music I could find and with same scene, same actor and same 'script', please behold two very different 'movies':

What it seems to be a dangerous mad scientist...

...perhaps is just a quality playing time...

Choosing background music is really fun procedure and fully artistic in nature. It really can give one value more to your video and even divert the story into multiple directions. There are more of our ordinary video clips edited in this way and with combination of simple video editing, they all look and feel very enjoyable.

Original post date: July 2014, Update: March 2016

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