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Hipsters, Nontroversies, Frankenfood and Frakking Selfies

I read a little while ago an article by one of the pretty well-known Serbian filmmaker, which was also known by couple of rewards from Cannes and other European movie festivals from the past. His article was titled with "How's gonna start the third world war" and even though I hinted what it might be inside I started reading it expecting something rational and smart. To be honest, I couldn't read it to the end due to the feeling that my intelligence was started being insulted not too far away from the intriguing title. You can find the link below if you are really eager to read it, but in the nutshell, this is one of those stories made by the guys who lost their compass on the way and think they know everything better than the others. In the article, when he started accusing Hollywood industry in general for taking the role of new cold war propaganda machinery, I couldn't get rid of the image from the past when he was wearing a tuxedo on several occasions eagerly wanting to be recognized by that very Hollywood itself.

Well, he is not the only person on the worldwide scope with this ability to state his thoughts far away from the mainstream reality. There are many people who, due to their ability to use natural and sugar-coded words, tell the stories with lots of accusations and with no solid evidence or proof that would support their tales. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" said once Carl Sagan and ever since internet won all the media, when I read, or trying to read, articles like this one, I keep wondering if the world would be a better place if everybody would use Carl's wisdom and stop saying, writing, singing or doing about anything at all, without solid background in the behind.

However, internet is not providing just ways for lots of people to say whatever they want. It is also one giant database, that in one way or another, successfully sorts out people with just monitoring their behavior over time and ever since the urban directory is formed we now have a word for people like the one from the beginning of this post. The word is "Hipster", and if you glimpse into new urban description, paraphrased by me, hipsters are those guys who desperately want to be different with what they are saying or dressing or behaving. Perhaps, we are all hipstering our lives from time to time - nobody likes to live in mediocrity all the time. But also nobody likes extremes as well. You can grow beard all you want and tattoo your body in all colors but that will not help you playing basketball any better. Metaphorically speaking.

Actually, if we give a few more thoughts about the modern times, hipsters are not the only thing new and "internetized" 21st century are giving us. The entire world is becoming one giant stage. There are no solid boundaries anymore between, for example, readers and writers - thanks to the world wide web, we are all slowly becoming both! With home cameras in new bright digital age, thanks to YouTube and wide variety of photo sharing possibilities we are also both, media makers and media watchers. To use nicely coined urban word from Battleship Galactica - even I became a "Frakking" blogger. Wait, what? Blogger? What the hack is that? Oh yes, another child of modern era. If somebody told me decades ago in my teenage days, that I might start, like most of girls at the time, writing a sort of, publicly published, personal diary in the future, I would probably laugh in his face. Or hers.

No, in this new world, it is not enough to just do what you are trained to do in schools or wherever in your life. If you want to be noticed, you need to do it in style and publicly published. If you flew the almighty Airbus A380 and didn't take a photo of you posing in it or in front of it, it is like it never happened. Recently in one of my favorite radio show, the host, in satirical manner, said something about how she doesn't understand people without Facebook profiles - if we can't know where they were or what they have been eating then it must be something wrong with them.

Well, satirically or not, like it or not, in one way or another, in the new era we will need to accept the new standards of upcoming "modern" world. And yes, we all will need to understand new urban vocabulary. So, if you, in some near future, go to the "Hipster" restaurant you will have to understand the menu. If you don't, then you will miss the best "Frankenfood" in the neighborhood. And don't forget to take "Frakking Selfie" while doing so, otherwise it might be considered as one of yours "Nontroversy" and believe me you don't want that to happen. People could be start "Blamestorming" you immediately and then, the only way to get out of it, will be to make "Fauxpology" and post it on the wall.

I was just kidding...

Wasn't I?
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